Volco is a big brute and the signature melee hero of the game. He carries around a big hammer, and smashes everything in his way. Although he starts out as a melee champion, who says you can’t make a ranged build?


  • Lava Strike: Charges up for massive Damage to multiple enemies!
  • Volcanic Strike: Violent eruptions damage and knock back enemies in a line!
  • Magma Shield: Absorbs next hit and knocks back enemies when triggered. Lasts 5 seconds.
  • Flamenado: Spin for 2.5 seconds, dealing damage and Phasing through enemies.

Champion Cards

Burning Aura

Fiery Conjurer

Fire Trail

Forest Fire

Great Balls Of Fire

Hammer time!

Spin To Win

The Rock

Volcanic Reach

Volcanic Smash