Alien beast, apex predator and complete annihilist! Ravager is always hungry and has four viciously clawed arms to gently relocate parts of your anatomy to its tummy. It has long since mastered the food chain - now it's here to master the arena.


  • Claw Strike: Basic attack: Swiftly slash nearby enemies. Gain 1 frenzy whenever you hit something.
  • Leap: Leap forward and pounce your foe! Uses all frenzy and deals extra damage for each frenzy.
  • Strafe: Dash forward, avoiding harm and slicing all enemies in the path. Spends all frenzy. Each frenzy spent reduces the cooldown by 1 second.
  • Enrage: +50% Attack Speed for 4 seconds. Movement penalty when attacking is removed. Cooldown is reduced when frenzy is gained.

Champion Cards

Apex Predator

Death In Motion

Don't Blink

Evolving Reaper


One By One

Rip Them Apart