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BetaDwarf Logo

Located in Copenhagen, Denmark

Founded September 1, 2010

Information (from official site)

Betadwarf has lived in a classroom for 8 months, in a house in rural Denmark even longer and are now located in an office in Copenhagen. It's a story of happy-go-lucky amateurs turned into professional developers and a story of blood, sweat and tears. A lot has changed since the beginning, and the team now consists of around 18 highly skilled developers working on awesome games. Everyone has a deep passion for games, and we are always looking to push the boundaries and explore new and interesting mechanics.

Betadwarf's not-so-secret origin story!

The Team

Steffen Grønning - CEO & Game Director

Kenneth Harder - CTO & Lead Programmer

Stefan Greulich - Art Director

Martin Prestegaard - Lead 3D Artist

Simon Palmér - 2D Artist

Alexandra Malmquist - 3D Artist

Kristian Rømer - Sound designer & Audio Director

Alex Jørgensen - Animator

Alexander Karlsson - Visual artist

Kristian Klie - Programmer

Richard Peck - Programmer

Andreas Broqvist - Programmer

Ejnar Håkonsen - Game Designer

Peter Buje - Game Designer

Christoffer Creulich - Game Designer & Producer

Koen Van den Steen - Game Design Intern

Glenn Moreels - Game Design Intern



Team - Official Website

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